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Featured: December 2018 CECP Doctoral Graduates

Congratulations to Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology (CECP) graduate students recently completing their Ph.D. degrees. CECP doctoral graduates at the December 2018 commencement are pictured above from left to right: Shealyn Jenee’ Blanchard, Melissa T. Heinrich, Pamela Joyce Jordan, Andrew D. Clay, Ricky J. Pope, Jennifer G. Hahm, Lindsay A. Okonowsky.

Congratulations to all!


Doctor of Philosophy

Cynthia A. Beevers
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Counseling Psychology “A Qualitative Analogue Study on Student Therapists’ Reactions to Client Suicidality”
Chair of Doctoral Committee: Kelly McDonnell, Ph.D.

Shealyn Jenee’ Blanchard
Glenn Allen, Virginia
Counseling Psychology “Black Graduate Students’ Experiences of Stress and Coping”
Chair of Doctoral Committee: Mary Z. Anderson, Ph.D.

Andrew D. Clay
Grandville, Michigan
Counselor Education “The Grief Experience of Spousal and Adult Child Caregivers of Individuals Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease or Related Dementias Following Facility Placement”
Chair of Doctoral Committee: Jennifer Foster, Ph.D.

Jennifer G. Hahm
Lansing, Michigan
Counseling Psychology “Color-Blind Racial Ideology, Social Justice Attitudes, and Cultural Competency in U.S. Medical Students and Resident Physicians”
Chair of Doctoral Committee: Joseph Morris, Ph.D.

Melissa T. Heinrich
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Counseling Psychology “Strongly Bonded Supervisory Relationships: Demystifying the Bond Aspect of the Supervisory Working Alliance”
Chair of Doctoral Committee: Mary Z. Anderson, Ph.D.

Pamela Joyce Jordan
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Counselor Education “Counselor Educators’ Perceptions of Nontraditional Master’s-Level Counseling Students and How Those Perceptions Shape Teaching Practices”
Chair of Doctoral Committee: Stephen Craig, Ph.D.

Lindsay A. Okonowsky
Tallahassee, Florida
Counseling Psychology “Perspective Taking, Multicultural Course Completion, and Political Ideology Affiliation Effects on Zero Sum Belief Endorsement by White Counseling Trainees”
Chair of Doctoral Committee: Joseph Morris, Ph.D.

Ricky J. Pope
Irvine, California
Counseling Psychology “The Integration of Creative and Expressive Arts in a Young Adult Problem-Solving Court”
Chair of Doctoral Committee: Mary Z. Anderson, Ph.D.

Link to online post: https://wmich.edu/cecp/december-2018-cecp-doctoral-graduates